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The Story Behind Rodeo Management SystemTM


When we are on the phone, doing a live demo of our software, or helping a client with some of the features, we often get asked about our own rodeo background and what brought us to develop the Rodeo Management SystemTM. The first part is easy to answer. We don't have a rodeo background. We have all been bucked off a horse at some time. For me, it was at my uncle's farm when my cousins would give me the young horse and then slap it on the ass at some point in the ride. Ineveitably, being a novice on a horse, I was falling off. Usually it was better the sooner I fell off. But I'm stubborn, so I got back on. For us, our sporting lives generally revolved around hockey (how Canadian!), baseball, and dabling in a few high school sports such as volleyball, basketball, wrestling and track and field.

We developed a number of software products and sites in support of and in pursuit of our sporting passions including:

For recreation, we spent a great amount of time in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and camping. But you are not likely interested in that part of the story.

Rodeo Management SystemTM is Born

The second part of the answer is the more interesting part, as far as we are concerned. A lot of people we have met in the business of rodeo grew up in rodeo, are still actively involved in rodeo, and have children growing up in rodeo. We took a much different path to the rodeo industry, and the path isn't that long. The beginnings are in 2015.

We have been in the website development business for a number of years, a number of years before any thoughts of a rodeo management software system bounced around in our heads. Our client base stretched geographically from coast to coast in Canada and southward as far as Texas. We cover a number of industries, some commercial, some industrial, many in the outdoors industries of hunting outfitters and fishing lodges. One client was a rodeo association. The initial project was a website redesign. As the project progressed, we were asked to build in some procedures so the rodeo association could upload PDFs and spreadsheets, and txt files of rodeo schedules, draws, results, standings, etc. Well, we were horified! Surely this was how they had been doing it since the dawn of the internet, but why were they still in the dark ages of technology? As a way to explain why they did what they did, they gave us a demo of the rodeo software they were using. Our horror was compounded as they showed us the process to enter data, re-enter data, re-enter data, export data, construct spreadsheets, lose data, start over, and fill up a week with little value added work.

It was not part of the original plan, but the more questions we asked, the more we both saw the opportunity to build something that was simply better. We sat down several times and mapped out the requirements, then we got to work.

During the development process, a common question from us was, "Why do you do it that way?" The common answer was, that is how the software works. We learned all the rodeo terminology, wondered why certain things were called what they were, and then learned some more.

Rodeo Management SystemTM Goes Live

We continued buidling, from the front end to the back end, all the while planning out a system that we could eventually take beyond one customer. A web-based multi-user system with the ability to custom tailor the options. We built. We tested. We revised. We built more and then in Spring of 2016 we went live with our first rodeo association. During that first season, we identified more tools, more enhancements, and found ways to make numerous functions easier to use.

Rodeo Management SystemTM Goes To Market

After a first successful season, we began to contact other rodeo associations to tell then about the Rodeo Management SystemTM. After all, it already had all the tools any rodeo would need. Development done. Add on another user and away we go. It wasn't long and rodeo association #2 was asking us to show them what the Rodeo Management SystemTM could do. They had questions like, "What about this feature?", "What about this payout formulas?", "What about these kind of events?". We quickly learned, development wasn't done yet. Not fearing a challenge, we told customer #2, "We dont have that, yet.", and that has been our answer, to everyone.

Rodeo Management SystemTM Plus Plus Plus

So we added new features, built new options, learning from each customer as they came o borad. The key learning is that every rodeo association has something they do that is differnt, that is uniquely their own way. We have taken the approach that a custom feature for one rodeo association will become a standard feature for all associations. Then, when a future rodeo association needs that feature, or a current customer needs it, it's already there. Looking back to that first set of requirements, in the 3 short years since Rodeo Management SystemTM hit the market, we have more than tripled the number of features in the system. Now when we bring a new customer on board to the system and they ask "What about this?", we often already have the option or the feature built. If not, we go back to the early years (only a few years ago) and say, "We don't have that, yet."

Our Story So Far

We hope that this little peak into the story behind Rodeo Management SystemTM helps you understand where we came from and our philosophy of always continuously improving our software. We believe that our story so far is just an early chapter of a longer story.

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