Attention CHSRA District 3 Members. In order to enter a rodeo, you must first register with the Rodeo Management System. The RMS will assign you a Back Number. You will need to use this number as your CHSRAD3 Member number for rodeo entry. The number will be emailed to you when you register.
To Register: Click the Members button below.
To enter a rodeo: Click the Rodeo Schedule button, scroll to the rodeo you want to enter, and click the Rodeo Entry icon. Please note that entries are seperate for High School and Junior High School Rodeos.

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If you already have a CHSRAD3 Number and have previously entered a rodeo, please proceed to log in using your CHSRAD3 Number. If this is your first time accessing the system, use your CHSRAD3 number and your temporary password (you can change you password after you login).

If you do not already have a CHSRAD3 Number, please register.

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