Attention CHSRA District 3 Members. In order to enter a rodeo, you must first register with the Rodeo Management System. The RMS will assign you a Back Number. You will need to use this number as your CHSRAD3 Member number for rodeo entry. The number will be emailed to you when you register.
To Register: Click the Members button below.
To enter a rodeo: Click the Rodeo Schedule button, scroll to the rodeo you want to enter, and click the Rodeo Entry icon. Please note that entries are seperate for High School and Junior High School Rodeos.

MembersRodeo ScheduleResultsStandings

Sr Boys All Around

RankCHSRAD3 #NamePoints
1102Pierce Wold52
219George Becker39
362Davis Mardesich29
481Brady Roenspie25
587Garrett Shell10
645Brock Grashuis10
766Cody Mclean10
8110Callahan Rooney9
9100Carson Stoneman9
1067Colton Michilizzi7
1360Kyle Mahon25
1717Logan Anseth10
18105Cole Vineyard10
1929Kruz Conway5

Sr Girls All Around

RankCHSRAD3 #NamePoints
184Payton Schoeppach72
286Stevie Scott-Smith34
320Maddie Biglow34
43Riley Holloway34
54Aby Black31
726Amanda Carey23
8109Devon Larsen17
936Ava Evans 16
1052Madi Helming15
1183Jessica Sannar14
1265Fallon McDonald14
1316Taylor Adams10
1442Madchen Gebhard8
15103Julia Yoder7
1694Corynne Tanner7
1771Savanna MORGAN7
1863Malin Marino13
1955Sophia Huffman5
2075Grace Pinochi4
212Macey Reinthaler4
2223Cassidy Borges3
2330Ashley Cooper3
2456Trinity Karschner2

Jr Boys All Around

RankCHSRAD3 #NamePoints

Jr Girls All Around

RankCHSRAD3 #NamePoints